Outcomes of the PhD exchanges

The past half a year has mainly focused on finishing the project activities and disseminating the results in publications and in final events organized in Finland, Peru and Colombia. As we are now finishing the project and preparing the final reports for the Ministry, it is great to see all the results and outcomes of the project! One of them being the innovation environments in Peru and Colombia with new forms of cooperation, a roadmap and an actionplan for the next years for the agri-food sector stakeholders. This is only a starting point of course, but the partners have now the tools and methods and a shared will to take further the work.

Another fantastic outcome of the project worth mentioning are those related to the PhD student exchanges. The cooperation between the exchange students and Functional Foods Forum, respectively Department of Biochemistry of Turku University, have resulted in co-authored scientific publications. This publication ( link below) written by the PhD student Jeadran Nevardo from Universidad el Bosque, Anastasia Mantziari and Prof. Seppo Salminen of Functional Foods Forum, and Prof. Hania Szajewska a renowed professor in her field, from the Medical University of Warsaw, has recently been published in a highly-ranked journal, Nutrients.

http://Postbiotics for Preventing and Treating Common Infectious Diseases in Children: A Systematic Review

A number of other scientific publications are currently being co-authored by the PhD students and the staff of Functional Foods Forum and the Department of Biochemistry of Turku University. Also the novel food product developed by Tatiana Rojas during her PhD exchange in Turku will be tested in a consumer panel in Peru and thereafter hopefully launched in the Peruvian markets. In addition to the scientific collaboration, which is important both for the PhD students, the organizations they represent, for Turku university, as well as for nutrition and food sciences, the exchanges have resulted in possible new cooperation forms between Finland and Colombia/Peru. We will be thrilled to follow up what happens next with all the outcomes and spin-offs of this project!

Hanna Lakkala, Project manager