PERU – Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina

PhD. Ritva Repo Carrasco is a professor and researcher at Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina (UNALM). She has her master’s degree in Cereal sciences from University of Helsinki and a PhD in Food chemistry from Turku University, Finland. She has more than 20 years of experience from Andean grains such as quinoa, kañiwa and tarwi, and is a specialist especially in nutritional values, bio-active compounds and product development. Currently she is a professor in Food sciences at the Faculty of Food Industry and is the director of CIINCA (Centro de Investigación e Innovación en Productos Derivados de Cultivos Andinos).

PhD. Fernando Vargas is the Dean of the Faculty of Food Industry of UNALM. He has his PhD from University of Florida in Packaging Science from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. He is conducting research in the research groups focusing on packaging materials, food packaging technology and determination of the shelf life of food, as well as on food engineering. He has also been the director of the milk production pilot plant and the food production pilot plant of Faculty of Food Industry of UNALM.

MSc. Eduardo Morales is a teacher and researcher at UNALM. He is currently doing his doctoral thesis in Bioscience Engineering at KULeuven in Begium and has his master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from University of Chile. He is currently the director of Extension and Social Projection at the Faculty of Food Industries and has also been the director of the food production pilot plant. His research focuses on fruit and vegetable processing.

MSc. Julio Mauricio Vidaurre Ruiz is a doctoral candidate in Food sciences at UNALM. He has a master’s degree in Food Technology from UNALM. He is also a teacher at Universidad Señor de Sipán (USS) located in Lambayeque, Peru, and is currently working on mathematical modelling of rheological and textural changes of gluten-free doughs and on the development of of gluten-free bread products with Andean grain flours (quinoa, kiwicha and tarwi).

COLOMBIA – Universidad el Bosque

MA. Kenneth Ochoa is the head of Environmental Engineering at El Bosque University. His research is focusing on social and environmental impacts of industrial processes, particularly on corporate sustainability, sustainable lifestyles and education for sustainable development in mining and agro-industry.

MSc. Carlos Quintero is an agricultural engineer with a master in Rural Development. He has more than 15 years of experience from international development cooperation projects in rural development projects with the German GTZ, working with water and soil conservation in agricultural systems in Andean highlands of Colombia. He has 9 years experience from teaching and conducting research at the Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences and is currently Associate professor in the Environmental Engineering programme of Universidad el Bosque, Bogota.

P.hD. Omar Trujillo is a Biological and Agricultural Engineer with eight years of teaching experience. He has also 4.5 years of industrial experience in food safety R&D projects as Application Engineer at Food Safe Corp, USA, and has both PhD and M.Sc degrees from the University of Arkansas working with rapid Identification methods of food pathogens on poultry products. Currently  he is working as Associate Professor at the Bio-engineering Program at UEB.


Finland Futures Research Centre – University of Turku

M.Sc. Hanna Lakkala is the overall coordinator of the project and futures workshop facilitator of PECOLO workshops. She has her background in Environmental Sciences and Geography. Her great passion is sustainability and food and agriculture sector and she has experience from food and agriculture sector supply chain sustainability and corporate responsibility, food waste and circular economy. Her previous research has focused on poverty-environment nexus and linkages between energy, environment and livelihoods.

Ph.D. (Soc.Sc.) Juha Kaskinen has worked at Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) since 1999 and is the Director of FFRC since 2005. His main interests over the years have been futures studies, regional foresight and development, environmental questions and sustainable development and expertise. He has been conducting and participating in dozens of futures projects over the last 14 years. He is an active teacher and gives several domestic and international presentations every year.

M.Sc. Noora Vähäkari has her background in Development Geography and Environmental Conservation science. She has solid experience in futures workshops facilitation related to sustainable development and innovations, and socioeconomic impacts of sectoral transformation. She has facilitated futures workshops in Finland, France, Chile and Laos.

PhD  Francesca Allievi is an Environmental Engineer with a PhD from Turku University on meat consumption and its impact on the environment. She has been involved in a number of initiatives dealing with food sustainability issues, including sustainable agriculture project in the Amazon rain forest in Peru. She advocates for a systemic approach to the food system, with all stakeholders contributing for the common good.

MA. Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu obtained her Master’s Degree in Futures Studies in 2017. Since then, has been working as a project researcher for FFRC. Her background is in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development. She is interest in the connection between social, cultural and ecological aspects of development, and in how to move towards more just and sustainable futures.

Functional Foods Forum – University of Turku

PhD. Seppo Salminen is Professor and Director of the Functional Foods Forum at the University of Turku. His research interests focus on intestinal microbiota development and health, food, health and nutrition, as well as functional foods, probiotics and prebiotics. He is one of the top scientists on probiotic area in the world with more than 450 original publications in the area. He received the IDF-Pasteur Institute Elie Metchnikoff Prize 2010 for their excellent work on the role of probiotics and the Swiss Prize for Modern Nutrition.

Ph.D. Carlos Gomez is Senior Researcher at Functional Foods Forum. His teaching activities and research are multidisciplinary and includes nutrition, food science and microbiology areas. His current work includes evaluation of health effects of beneficial bacteria and probiotics, the microbial-host interactions, microbiome and its role in human health.

BSc. MBA. Jaakko Korpela works as research coordinator at Functional Foods Forum of University of Turku. He has worked in various projects related to food sector, such as food security, development and commercialization of industrial food products. He has 6 years of experience from development cooperation from Asia and South America.

Department of Biochemistry – University of Turku

Ph.D. Jukka-Pekka Suomela is Senior Lecturer in Food Chemistry at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku. In addition to his teaching activities in several food science -related topics, Suomela is a specialist in analytics of lipids and other metabolites of food origin.