The following universities are the project partners. Please find more information about each of them through the links.

The National Agrarian University La Molina (Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, UNALM) in Lima is the Peruvian partner university. UNALM has a long history of collaboration with Turku University. The Faculty of Food Industry which is the project partner in this project, has participated in a number of project with Turku University related to food topics and innovations.

University el Bosque (Universidad el Bosque, UEB) in Bogota Colombia is the Colombian partner. The participating faculty is the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and the PhD programme on Public Health. One of the focus areas of the faculty is agricultural sector and one of the key topics of the Public Health programme is nutrition.

University of Turku is the Finnish partner university in the project. Three units or faculties are involved in the project – Finland Futures Research Centre, Functional Foods Forum and Department of Biochemistry. Below information about the role of each of them and links for further information.

Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) is the coordinator of the PECOLO project, gives capacity-building in futures studies and foresight, leads and organizes together with the partner universities the futures workshops on innovation environments, as well as gives capacity-building on selected topics related to sustainability in food and agriculture sector.



Functional Foods Forum (FFF) is involved in activities related to capacity-building in topics such as nutrition, functional foods and regulatory issues related to food. FFF also receives PhD exchange students from the Latin American partner universities.

In addition, Department of Biochemistry is involved in the project through capacity-building in topics related to food biochemistry and as a receiving department of PhD exchange students from the Latin American partner universities.